The Amesto Global Team

Armin Kirchner – Chief Executive Officer

Armin Kirchner | Amesto Global

Armin started his career as an auditor for Deloitte & Touche. He joined TMF Group (“TMF”) in the Netherlands in 1994 with a focus on professional services outsourcing. He was part of TMF’s global expansion team and assumed various country responsibilities (Bulgaria, Germany, Luxembourg and Poland) as well as regional responsibilities (Eastern Europe, EMEA and North-America). His last position at TMF was Global Director Corporate Services. After TMF, Armin joined First Names Group as Group Managing Director and Institutional Services. In this role, Armin positioned First Names Group as a reputable boutique provider in the global corporate and institutional services market by building and growing a sustainable multi-country business. Armin has a (geographical) market and industry knowledge as well as expertise which is second to none.

Rashmi Pandya – Chief Operating Officer

Rashmi Pandya | Amesto Global

Rashmi is an experienced professional accountant specialising in business process transformation, both on-shore and offshore.   Rashmi has lead large projects for blue chip clients to deliver efficiencies in their back office operations both in terms of cost savings by outsourcing, as well as more robust financial control processes to improve time taken to report results. He has a unique perspective on outsourcing/shared service industry to develop innovative solutions for corporate compliance and in particular, corporates expanding operations globally. Rashmi has held senior management and director positions in BT, Steria Plc and TMF Group. Rashmi is one of the founding partners in Amesto Global.


Arild Spandow – Executive Chairman

Arild Spandow | CEO Amesto

 Arild Spandow is part owner of the Spabo Group (Spabogruppen), a Norwegian family owned company based out of Oslo. He is the founder and CEO of the Amesto Group (2002), a wholly owned group of companies within the family business. The Group comprises over 600 business professionals delivering software, analytics, IT infrastructure, staffing, translation and interpretation services, payroll and accounting, company secretarial, domiciliation and other administrative services to multi-national companies. In addition, Amesto Top Temp has 800 consultants working externally. The group operates in more than 60 countries and has an annual turnover of Euro 150 million with more than 1000 employees.

Jorine Regeur – Senior Partner

Jorine Regeur | Amesto Global


Jorine’s background is in Human Resources. She has worked in every area of Human Resources, including Recruitment, Training and Development, Compensation and Benefits, HR Strategy, Leadership Training and Coaching. She held leading European and global management positions with General Electric, Applied Materials, NIKE, Scitex Group in Israel, Lumenis Group and TMF Group. She worked with Armin for seven years in TMF Group. She found Armin’s vision and strategy of setting up a new boutique firm offering services, which go beyond what most established businesses in this industry are currently offering, extremely interesting.

Nonexecutive Director - Jochum Haakma

JOCHUM HAAKMA | Amesto Global


Jochum Haakma has joined Amesto Global as nonexecutive director. Jochum is a lawyer and an expert in the field of Trade and investment. As a former Dutch Consul- General in Hong Kong/Macao and Shanghai, Jochum was appointed in 2006 as Managing Director of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA). Jochum held the position of Global Executive Director Business Development at a global corporate services firm from 2007-2017.

At present, Jochum is the Vice President of AmCham in the Netherlands and holds various executive positions in China related councils. He is a frequent guest speaker or commentator in the media on Far East related affairs. Based in The Netherlands, Jochum will support the management team in the area of business development and will be the ambassador globally for both Amesto Global and Amesto Group.

Rogier Rijnja – Senior Partner

Rogier Rijnja | Amesto Global


Rogier has been Senior Vice President of Human Resources and a member of the executive committee of D.E Master Blenders, a Dutch stock listed company (now called JDE). Prior to joining D.E Master Blenders, he served as head of the HR departments at several multinational companies, including Maxeda, Numico N.V. and Amazon. Previously Rogier was with Reckitt Benckiser PLC in the UK, and with Nike Europe, where he worked together with Jorine. Earlier in his career he held several HR positions at Apple in The Netherlands and the United States. Rogier is board member of the Bennink Foundation, whose mission is to support organizations and initiatives that work to safeguard the planet today and pave the way for a better tomorrow. Having worked with some of the most innovative and customer-centric companies.

Louis Gray – Senior Client Manager

Louis Gray | Amesto Global

Louis joined Amesto in 2016 as an Associate, managing clients ranging from SMEs to FTSE and NASDAQ-listed multinationals. He supervises projects from the proposal stage through to contracting and onboarding; and manages ongoing service delivery across multiple jurisdictions. He also helps manage relationships with Amesto’s network of international offices, joint ventures and local partners in over 50 countries. Louis is bilingual in English and French and grew up in 4 countries around the world, bringing a distinct multi-cultural approach to working with clients from all backgrounds. Louis is a law graduate of the University of Oxford.