We put the customer in focus


Amesto has a market-oriented philosophy. Our aim is to provide optimal service to the customers. Those working closest to the customer can influence how the customer experiences Amesto. Consequently, our employees must have freedom, authority and responsibility to act.

Perfectionism, professionalism and service 
We want Amesto to be recognised for its competence. This means:

  • Being at the forefront of developments within our business areas.
  • Having awareness of any advances made by competitors, and assimilating and improving requisite changes.
  • Producing and offering quality products and services using the best technology at the lowest possible price.
  • Acting in a professional manner in the market and with colleagues, ensuring that it is a pleasure to be employed in our Group.  

Cost-Awareness and resource optimisation 
Amesto will generate results based on more efficient usage of resources than our competitors. We will always test methods and techniques and continuously apply more rational working methods. Amesto will invest intensively in those markets selected for their growth potential, and we will prioritise the investments necessary to generate results.

Fair contracts With customers and suppliers 
We wish to have clear and fair contracts with customers and suppliers. We will sell our products but in doing so we will not speak unfavourably of our competitors. To maintain our integrity we will not accept gifts from our customers (other than small presents).

Respect for the individual – Willingness to change 
Our goal is that employees treat everybody as individuals, and with respect. Employees must be encouraged to develop their skills, and we will endeavour to guarantee job safety within the Group. Employees must be flexible and able to adapt to new jobs and tasks so that they can safeguard the interests of the Group.

Business and results orientation 
We want our employees to have development potential and to display a results-oriented attitude.

Openness, communication and co-determination 
All employees have the right to know as much about the Group’s policies and plans to the extent that it does not harm our competitive ability. We will secure consultation and co- determination at decision-taking at all levels, and our communications will be objective and understandable.

Effective management 
Our success is dependent on an intelligent and present management which inspires each Amesto employee to be an enthusiastic colleague. A manager must have an overview of the Group’s needs, and must be creative and open to ideas, regardless of where they come from.

Obligations to the owners and society 
Amesto employees are good citizens at the local and national level. Our company and our employees are obligated to the shareholders who have provided the foundation for our workplaces. This imposes a responsibility to:

  • Look after the resources with which we have been entrusted.
  • Secure a dividend on invested capital.
  • Exploit the potential for continuous profitable growth.