Working as a responsible company is good business for Amesto

Working as a responsible company is good business for Amesto. We always strive to find good solutions for contributing to society, whether through vacant premises for intrapreneurs, cooperation with social entrepreneurs, internships for candidates who need them or strategic pro bono projects. Corporate social values should be a natural part of our working day at Amesto.

Our mission is simplifying business, but we must also seek to simplify in everything we do, either it means the way we show our environmental commitment or how we work sustainably. 150,000 people use Amesto’s services every day. We have more than 1000 employees in Scandinavia and hundreds of providers. Amesto can and aim to be a long-term partner for a sustainable society.

A part of the UN Global Compact initiative

Amesto joined the UN Global Compact initiative in 2012, at the initiative of CEO Arild Spandow.

Global Compact is a UN initiative working towards driving sustainable business forward.  More than 10,000 companies and NGOs from 145 countries have pledged allegiance to 10 universal principles in human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption

Every year, companies that are part of the initiative are required to hand in a report on their status and what has been achieved in the past year. Download the UN Global Compact Amesto 2017

Code of Conduct

Amesto’s operations must be run in line with basic attitudes and Code of Conduct of the Group, where the main objective is to develop people and create value. 

Amesto’s guidelines for corporate social values (CSV) and ethics express the Group’s commitments related to key areas of responsibility such as human rights, health, safety and the environment, as well as anti-corruption. These guidelines are based on the UN declaration of human rights, the ILO core conventions and OECD’s guidelines for multinational companies. Amesto is committed to the UN Global Compact for the protection of human and labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption. 

Shared Value Partnership

Together with Visma and Doctors Without Borders, we aim to prove that partnerships can be the key to efficient, sustainable solutions.Collaboration between companies is becoming increasingly common. It is no longer considered risky to collaborate with other companies. Collaboration means increased reach and the possibility for modernisation and/or reaching new target groups. Creating new ways of working together is a great way to achieve the best solutions.

“All businesses have their own unique reasons for working towards a fair and sustainable outcome. Creating new ways of working together is a great way to achieve the best solutions. We are very proud partners of Doctors Without Borders”.
Ariane Spandow, responsible for corporate social responsibility in Spabogruppen.