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Over the past decade, the make-up of a successful leader has become increasingly complex. Organisations need search partners that are fast-moving and agile, with the ability to combine traditional, tried and tested search methodology with the latest technology and data-driven insights.


Access to the best talent requires a dedicated, focused approach. Our ability to comprehensively map out and analyse the market provides access to both passive and active candidates. We work as a search partner, supporting clients by building high-performing teams.

Why use a professional agency when hiring?

When you are recruiting you should be going after top-shelf, A-level candidates. These type of candidates need to be recruited. Why? Because they’re not actually looking for a job! They’re employed, passive, and busy leaders who are accustomed to finding new job opportunities through their network, connections, and referrals.  If you ask an HR professional or another employee to reach out to these top leaders, they’re most likely not going to get a response, let alone get past the gatekeeper. Executive recruiters, on the other hand, have built up connections with top executives over the years and have access to these very inaccessible people and their networks.

How does the recruitment process work?

Depending on your needs we offer recruitment services on specialist, manager or executive level. The recruitment process is carried out as a search, executive search or headhunting – either as an official open process or as a closed and confidential process, depending on your decision. Our executive recruiting consultants and researchers are considering candidate availability, benchmarking against others and finding candidates who not only have the necessary experience and expertise, but also fit into the corporate culture. We draw on our high-level professional networks, industry knowledge and internal research resources to identify the right people.

By using our services you can:

  • Save money by making the right hire the first time
  • Grow into new markets and industries
  • Scale your company for growth
  • Define changing executive roles and responsibilities
  • Conduct talent assessments and reference checks
  • Provide executive coaching
  • Compete for top talent
  • Expand candidate diversity
  • Create succession plans
  • Find new members for your board of directors
  • Keep a search confidential


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We assist companies to expand, operate and grow internationally. Our services includes:

International Expansion Services

Our services includes accounting and financial reporting services, payroll and HR, market entry services, corporate secretarial and multi-Country coordination through one single point of contact.

Investor and Transaction Services

We assist companies with their sales & marketing strategy, corporate development, commercial tactics, strategic partnerships and more through growth consulting in new and existing markets.

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Our services includes business & financial advisory, share & business valuations and mergers & acquisitions.

Partner Led Accessibility

We are a partner led firm bringing a wealth of expertise and global experience to our clients. We are keen to establish personal relationships with our clients based on trust and transparency.