Corporate Secretarial Services

Post Sarbanes-Oxley the need for the implementation of internal controls to ensure effective management of legal entities on a global basis is one of the major challenges facing multinational companies.

From the incorporation of a new company or branch, the ongoing compliance with local legislation requirements, to the restructuring of your global businesses, Amesto can assist you in ensuring the good standing of all of your legal entities in accordance with local legislation.

Advantages of an outsourced Company Secretarial Compliance Service

Amesto Global provides a fully outsourced company secretarial compliance service, which reduces administrative burden, costs and minimises risk for our clients.This includes:

• Maintaining the statutory registers and records (in electronic form where applicable)

• Maintaining hard copies of the statutory books and records

• Annual accounts approval and filing process

• Drafting documents for annual general meetings

• Monitoring Companies House filings to help combat corporate identity fraud

Support Services

Our team provide advice and services to support company secretaries and other professionals undertaking company secretarial duties in a wide range of organisations. We have the resources and expertise to assist with all types of company secretarial projects, including:

• Compliance audits and Statutory Book reviews
• Company incorporations, Name Changes and Re-registrations
• Changes to a Company’s Constitution, Directors and Secretary and Share Capital
• Group company restructuring and re-organisation 
• Administration of Shareholder Registers