Dedicated Office Space

We search for dedicated office space with a unique registered address for your special purpose or operational entities. Our services will also cover front line support including handling of the incoming calls and mail. The office space can also act as an inspiring location for your regular board meetings.

Finding the perfect office space can be both expensive and time-consuming. Before you start looking for business space, you need to have a clear picture of what you must have, what you would like to have, what you absolutely won't tolerate and how much you're willing to pay. Developing that picture is Important, but can be tedious. A poor choice of location is sometimes also impossible to repair.

7 things to consider before deciding for the perfect office space

  • Who your customers are and how important their proximity to your location is.
  • How accessible the facility will be for everyone who will be using it; customers, employees and suppliers.
  • Proximity to other businesses and services
  • What does this address say about your company?
  • Infrastructure to support the high-tech needs of contemporary operations.
  • What are insurance rates for the area?
  • Do you have to pay extra for parking etc.?


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