Need help finding Independent Directors?

It is well known that investors are looking at companies with better corporate governance, and independent directors are expected to be the watchdogs to ensure good practices by the boards. Companies are also looking at more international directors than before. As many businesses are moving internationally, there is need for global expertise on their boards.

We search for external independent candidates to assume the director’s position of special purpose and operational entities. These candidates are senior industry experts with firm track records who will add a wealth of experience to the day-to-day operations and regular board meetings of your local entity. Amesto is able to supply highly qualified Economists within the Finance and HR sector.

What makes an exceptional independent Outside Director?

The economic stresses of recent years and the ever-growing demands for responsible governance have resulted in a fundamental shift over the past years. Today’s Independent Directors must be more engaged, more numerate and more technically competent than ever before if they are to be equipped to succeed in a role that has become much more demanding than was the case just a decade ago.

  • They need depth of executive experience.
  • They must remain highly independent and ask challenging, often difficult questions on behalf of the shareholders.
  • They must possess strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • They should be ready to listen, but also prepared to speak up when appropriate.
  • They must be well informed and possess a wide array of operational knowledge.
  • They must be able to tackle risk, finance and technology with great agility.

Independent non-Executive Directors

Streamlined search

We search beyond obviously created repositories/Databanks. For us Independent Directors on the board is like creating a team. Each one should have different complimenting skills and knowledge. We draw on our vast professional network, industry expertise and internal research resources to identify the right person. Giving you assurance that you are selecting the Board member with the right skills, qualifications, and personal values for the job.

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