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Bespoke financial framework.

Designing a tailored solution for an Irish digitalization organization.

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Building a Bespoke Finance Framework for Irish Digitalization Organization.

Finance Framework | Corporate Governance | Scalable Growth


For the past several decades, Ireland’s manufacturing sector has been a driving force behind the nation’s export-driven economy. In recent years, the nature of this industry has shifted considerably, mainly due to the need to stay efficient and competitive. 

Recognizing the sector’s significance, the Irish government saw a need to cultivate a business environment conducive to future growth and competitive advantage. To achieve this, the government has been investing in disruptive, digital technologies that drive cultural change.


Our client is on the front line of this digital transformation. With €40 million in government funding in place, our client’s organization was established with a clear mission: propel the next generation of manufacturing in Ireland.  They successfully built a world-class facility to nurture hundreds of projects, contributing to Ireland's robust manufacturing sector, which constitutes 34% of the country's GDP. ​

From inception, good governance and an adherence to the public procurement guidelines were of fundamental importance for our client. Our client therefore enlisted the support of Amesto Global as their trusted growth partner, guiding them through the pivotal stages of this process.

The Amesto Global Project Management team’s proactive nature, dedication & commitment demonstrated in the start phase exceeded our expectations. Working with them feels like having an integral part of our team, and our Board appreciates the collaborative partnership and global expertise.

-CEO of Client Company


As a new company setting up operations in Ireland, the business was in its infancy in terms of their Financial Framework. Amesto Global designed and implemented a solution that was uniquely tailored to our client’s needs and encompassed:

  • setting-up accounting systems on cloud-based software;
  • supported and assisted in the draw down of both Revenue and Capital Grants;
  • complimentary software integrations;
  • streamlined payroll processing; and 
  • employee expense software. 

Our solution was designed to support our client’s needs now and in the future. 

Together with the creation and implementation of the Financial infrastructure, Amesto Global is executing the ongoing delivery of the Monthly Management / Board Reporting and all aspects associated with the Finance infrastructure until the Company has resourced and retained its own internal Finance function.

As a government-funded organization, our client sought assistance in forming a Corporate Governance Policy. This policy was devised not just to inform but to actively engage employees. Recognizing the data-intensive nature of their work, we curated policies that catered to employees’ needs. Leveraging visual and interactive formats, we ensured employees were well-informed and engaged with essential information.

Through a year of close collaboration, we have seamlessly integrated ourselves within our client's team. We approach our method with an educated assessment, underpinned by our global insights and first-hand experiences. The solutions we deliver are bespoke for our client’s purpose, prioritizing their needs and providing sustainable solutions for the present and the future.


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