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Guiding an Australian Film Production Company through US Market Entry.

US Market Entry  |  Growth Support |  Cloud-Based ERP  |  Local Knowledge


Our client is an award-winning Australian-based film production company. They have been experiencing great success in the entertainment space, receiving multiple awards and nominations - an Academy Award and Emmy Nomination, but who's bragging? With several offices throughout Australia, the company was ready to make the leap and explore US Expansion due to the high demand for film projects.


The client was unsure of how to navigate the red tape of setting up shop in the US. From hiring employees and offering benefits to maneuvering US-specific film tax credits, the client needed local assistance and called up Amesto Global to help with their international expansion.


Since 2022, Amesto Global is offering a market entry and growth support solution to help the client establish and scale their footprint in the US. Specifically, we are delivering the following solution:

  • Set-up and coordination of an international banking relationship to accommodate the client’s need for operational bank accounts in all physical locations

  • Providing local knowledge around US regulations regarding Payroll & Retirement Plan information while identifying opportunities to ensure the US entity is competitive in the employment talent market

  • Coordinating with US taxation experts to deliver guidance on film tax credits to the client, which is vital to the film industry and varies based on the client’s chosen production location(s)

  • Set-up of an international cloud-based ERP system and finance function to capture all accounting transactions, providing the client with full access and allowing management to view from the home country

  • Delivery of ongoing monthly accounting & financial reporting services in the cloud-based ERP system in accordance with US GAAP

  • Complete coordination of both market entry and ongoing corporate services through a single point of contact

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