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Steering a Nordic SAAS Company through rapid European Expansion.

Multi-County Payroll |  Local Compliance |  Cloud-Based ERP


Our client is a Nordic-based SaaS company who has recently experienced vast growth in Europe.


As the client expanded their operations into four European countries, they started to experience major pain points. From multiple ERP systems in each jurisdiction, to little to no access to local accounting & payroll systems and the lack of local statutory compliance knowledge, the client was struggling to manage their international operations while driving commercial growth in their core domestic market.

Overwhelmed by their current operations, the client was interested in meeting with Amesto Global to discuss ways they could alleviate some of their current headaches outside of the Nordics.


Hesitant to bite off more than they could chew, the client started small, bringing on Amesto Global to handle payroll services in one of the four countries. After direct, regular communications with our Partner-led team and an in-person visit to ensure operations were running as smoothly as possible, the client quickly became comfortable with us as a firm. They then engaged our team to oversee the company’s multi-country payroll processing & HR Administration functions in all four countries as well as manage the company’s US accounting & financial reporting. Not long thereafter, Amesto Global was asked to handle aspects of the company’s international operations in all four existing countries and one new jurisdiction.

Amesto Global has, and continues to, deliver the following solution:

  • Consulted with the client on the best ERP system to support the company’s international expansion and operations; will implement the proposed ERP system

  • Manage and coordinate accounting and payroll processes across multiple jurisdictions

  • Offer all services and ongoing assistance through one-point-of-contact to reduce miscommunication and language barrier restrictions

  • Ensure that all local/ statutory compliance requirements are met in all countries with the assistance of local partner firms

It did not take long for the client to understand the value add that Amesto Global can bring as they focus on growing and expanding their business internationally. We are a true partner to our clients and love being part of their individual growth stories. Together, we go far.

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