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US Staffing Firm Undergoes Digital Transformation of Accounting Processes, Improving Efficiency by 30%

Digital Transformation | Accounting Automation |  Single Market Growth


Our client is a specialized staffing firm with multiple offices in the US, supplying top-tier full-time and contingent staff to their customers.


The client’s antiquated reporting process, which relied on outdated methods and manual data entry, was not only inefficient but also placed undue stress on the accounting and back-office teams. Recognizing the need for change, the client expressed a keen interest in enhancing their existing processes and embarking on a transformative journey to achieve streamlined financial reporting and optimize their accounting staff.

The client called upon the Amesto Global team to guide them through this process and digitally transform their day-to-day accounting, finance and payroll processes.

In the first six months, the automation of manual processes throughout the accounting department increased efficiency by 30% and saved the company over $60K.


Amesto Global is delivering the following solution:

  • Comprehensive assessment of the client's back-office functions, encompassing systems, software, employee responsibilities, banking facilities, control environment and growth plans.

  • Implementation of advanced automation solutions to streamline and optimize various manual processes such as payroll, commissions, Accounts Payable and financial reporting, improving efficiency and accuracy.

  • Streamlining of accounting functions resulting in a 33% reduction in accounting staff from six (6) employees to four (4), while maintaining the same level of productivity and delivering high-quality accounting functions.

  • Implementation of an efficient electronic time sheet system, replacing manual time sheets for consultants. This streamlined process enables consultants to conveniently enter their time, while providing customers with a user-friendly platform to review and approve time submissions.

  • Implementation of a secure and automated payment system, eliminating the use of manual checks for consultants. This proactive measure not only prevents fraud but also significantly reduces the time-consuming tasks associated with check production, mailing, tracking and reconciliation.

By identifying areas of improvement, streamlining processes and aligning strategies with growth plans, we have been helping our client establish a solid foundation for enhanced efficiency, scalability and success in their back-office operations.


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