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4. Oct

Empowering Sustainable Futures: Our Commitment to Supporting Global Clean-Tech Start-ups & Scale-Ups

With over 56% of Amesto Global’s clients focused on either an Environmental, Social or Governance mission, our commitment to People, Planet and Profit is at the forefront of our values.

As a firm, we are extremely grateful to be in a position to assist sustainability-focused businesses expanding internationally from all over the globe. As an extension of these efforts, we have had the pleasure of supporting an exciting number of Scandinavian Founders and CFOs as they look outside of the Nordic market into greater Europe and into the US. We recently attended Startup Lab’s 2030 Summit in Oslo, Norway, where 40 Clean-Tech start-ups took the stage to share their company missions to push Norway closer to their net zero goals. Among the crowd were investors of all different stages, corporate leaders, community partners and start-up peers. With the mission to drastically reduce carbon emissions through innovation, these start-ups range widely: from B2B software solutions to renewable energy sources, to sustainable seaweed production and state-of-the-art analytics tools for reporting metrics. Each company lined up to share their cutting-edge ideas for making the world a safer, more sustainable place.

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The emergence of clean-tech focused Scandinavian start-ups and scale-ups is an exciting development in the world of sustainable technology. These companies are at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to some of the world's most pressing environmental challenges, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions to promoting circular economies.

One of the key factors driving the growth of clean-tech scaleups in Scandinavia is the region's long-standing commitment to environmental sustainability. The Nordic countries have a reputation for being among the greenest in the world, with high levels of renewable energy use and ambitious climate targets. This focus on sustainability has created a supportive ecosystem for clean-tech startups, with access to funding, expertise and a network of like-minded businesses.

Another key advantage for Scandinavian Clean-Tech scaleups is their ability to think globally from the outset. With a small domestic market, these companies are forced to look beyond their borders for growth opportunities. This global mindset has enabled them to develop solutions that are scalable and relevant to a wide range of markets, from energy storage and smart grid technologies to sustainable transportation and waste management.

As a division of the Amesto Group, Amesto Global equally prioritizes the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit. In line with our philosophy concerning the long-term, generational perspective, we want to contribute to projects that offer a social benefit over a long period of time. With patience being the key to achieving our goals, we create value for our owners, employees, partners and society.


In line with our commitment to people, planet & profit, we are very proud to be working with a variety of Scandinavian-headquartered and other globally located sustainable businesses as they look to establish operations outside of their home countries. Expansion into new markets necessitates innovation and adaptation and therefore these leadership teams bring with them a wealth of innovative ideas and practices that inspire cross-cultural learning and collaboration. By engaging with diverse markets and cultures, they harness the power of collective intelligence, creating a dynamic ecosystem that drives solutions to global challenges. Our role as facilitators and operational “builders” during the expansion process positions us at the forefront of this exciting wave of global innovation.

We have also formed strategic alliances with investors behind some of the world’s up-and-coming clean technology companies. By offering their portfolio companies access to our team’s wide depth of knowledge surrounding international expansion and conducting business compliantly and efficiently abroad, Leaders can make more informed decisions around deploying capital in a thoughtful manner and avoiding unnecessary compliance/risk.

The essence of sustainable businesses lies in their purpose-driven pursuit of positive impact. Through our partnership with these amazing companies, both in Scandinavia and globally, we amplify their positive influence on communities, industries and the planet as a whole. Every successful international expansion represents a chain reaction of positive outcomes, from job creation and economic growth to responsible resource management and support for local communities. We are delighted to do our part in #simplifyingbusiness for sustainable business Founders so they may focus on the resolution of critical environmental, social and governance challenges on a global scale.


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Sims Tullos Director of Growth