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People, planet, profit.

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Doing business with our head & our heart.

At our core, we conduct business with our head and our heart. We recognize the intrinsic value of our work and its impact on both our company and our global communities. Aligned with the overarching mission of the Amesto Group, we prioritize what’s known as the Triple Bottom Line: People, the Planet and Profit. 

This concept is ingrained in all aspects of our business operations. We closely evaluate every project we take, with the main emphasis on selecting initiatives that have enduring social benefits. We are driven by the belief that our work should contribute positively to society while ensuring sustainable growth for our company.  

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Earth Matter 2023 (900x600)
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Working with clients who foster global change.

We are privileged to partner with a diverse array of forward-thinking clients and investors who share our commitment to driving positive global change. From promoting sustainable farming practices to spearheading clean technology initiatives on a global scale, we take immense pride in the fact that 60% of our global clientele actively champion Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) missions. 

As an organization, we are committed to collaborating with sustainable global businesses, fostering cross-cultural learning and innovation for sustainable growth. Through strategic partnerships with investors who support clean technology companies, we provide our expertise for international expansion and global business operations. By joining forces with these impactful companies, we amplify their positive influence on communities, industries and the planet at large.

Initiatives in action.

In 2023, we made a conscious effort to amplify our mission by launching impactful initiatives, including the appointment of ESG Champions in each of our own offices. Our Champions are dedicated to driving positive change within our company and communities worldwide. Since their start, they've successfully implemented sustainable practices at work and connected our teams with organizations committed to positive community impact.

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USA ESG Champion

“My love for nature leads me to be passionate about organizations that support meaningful environmental work. For me, environmental sustainability is about reconnecting with nature.”

Deniz Yetkinn – Senior Accounting Associate

Spain ESG Champion

“I appreciate the idea of working alongside my team members, finding fulfillment in making a positive difference without expecting anything in return.”

Miglė Urbanavičiūtė – Manager, Accounting

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Clodagh Pony ESG 2023

Ireland ESG Champion

I have always had an interest in sustainability since a young age. I want to be able to lead our team to help make holistic changes within the organization and at home. 

Clodagh Bourke – Finance, Assistant

Community Organizations We Support

Bank dels Aliments
Earth Matter
Doon Social Farm
Irish Chamber Orchestra

Triple bottom line.

At Amesto Global, we remain committed to the Triple Bottom Line. Our ESG initiatives, collaborations with forward-thinking clients and the dedication of our ESG Champions reflect our belief that responsible business practices lead to a positive impact on People, the Planet and Profit. 

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A Sustainable Future

Our commitment to supporting global clean-tech start-ups & scale-ups.
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Empowering change

Meet our ESG Champions and learn how they are driving positive change in our organization and local communities.

THE 3 'P's

Learn about initiatives by the larger Amesto Group.

Initiatives from the larger Amesto Group.