Doing business in the US.

What to know about the Biden Tax Proposal when expanding to the US.

Featuring international tax experts Joe Ciccarelli and Raymond Wynman of Global Tax Management (GTM), the team shares insights into the Biden administration’s tax regime as it relates to international companies operating and/or expanding into the US.



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Featuring: Global Tax Management.

For over 25 years, GTM has provided the expertise to build, operate, and manage tax functions for its clients.

Joe Ciccarelli

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With 20+ years of experience serving multinational companies, Joe has extensive experience in the areas of accounting for income taxes (ASC 740), corporate tax compliance, transaction advisory, and tax planning.



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Raymond Wynman

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As a member of GTM’s U.S. tax reform task force, Raymond is charged with advising clients on the various complexities of U.S. tax reform, including helping clients navigate the new international tax planning landscape.



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