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Empowering change: spotlight
on our ESG champions.

March marks International Women’s Month, a time to celebrate the achievements of women worldwide. As a team made up of 60% women, across three different countries, we are thrilled to shine a light on three remarkable women within our team who stand as our resident Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Champions. In this conversation, Deniz, Miglė and Clodagh share their distinct perspectives, revealing how their personal commitments to sustainability have ignited a passion for driving positive change within our organization and local communities.


A childhood love of nature.

Deniz's affinity for nature dates back to childhood hikes with her family, instilling a deep respect for the environment. “I have always been in love with nature since I was a little girl. My dad used to take me and my sister hiking at the weekends with a bag full of oranges and carrots. He taught us to respect mother nature and that is what I am trying to teach my kids.”

Her role in leading our ESG initiatives is deeply rooted in this connection, seeking organizations that are dedicated to improving local environments. Deniz emphasizes, “For me, environmental sustainability is about reconnecting with nature.”

Deniz's commitment guided our US team to collaborate with Earth Matter, a nonprofit advancing composting in and around New York City. Earth Matter's Compost Learning Center, strategically located on Governors Island, operates as a composting education hub in a zero-waste island setting. This collaboration not only contributes to environmental work but also supports Earth Matter's mission of promoting composting and reducing food waste in New York City and beyond.

Deniz organized an afternoon where our US team joined forces with the Earth Matter team, gaining vital education on composting methods and hands-on experience. Our team turned over compost batches, tended to animals and cleaned up gardens and lavender fields. The collaboration not only equipped our team with new knowledge but also fostered a sense of responsibility toward waste reduction in our office and local communities.


Fostering community connection.

Miglė’s dedication to ESG initiatives stems from a passion for social justice and community development. She believes, "Volunteering fosters a sense of community connection, allowing us to build meaningful relationships with fellow volunteers and individually as team members. The opportunity to witness the direct impact of our efforts on the lives of others can be a powerful motivator."

As the leader of our ESG initiatives in the Spanish office, Miglė collaborates with local organizations committed to helping those in need and the communities we live in. The first collaboration occurred at the Food Bank in Barcelona, where our team participated in a solidarity campaign to distribute the collected food in the food bank warehouse that has been distributed to local people in need. "I liked the ideas that these organizations are collaborating, especially helping people combat hunger and making a significant impact on individuals and families facing food shortages."

For the next collaboration, Miglė has organized an upcoming outing with Reforesta, a nonprofit dedicated to sustainable development and the recovery of vegetation. Our team will participate in a beach cleanup to keep local Barcelona beaches free of garbage.

Through these collaborations, Miglė has witnessed the direct impact of our Spanish team’s efforts on the lives of others. Her commitment extends beyond the immediate benefits, actively shaping our company's dedication to sustainability and fostering a positive workplace culture. She comments, “Volunteering collaborations play a crucial role in shaping a company's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, promoting community engagement, leveraging employee skills, and enhancing overall corporate reputation.”


Holistic changes for a sustainable future.

Clodagh's passion for sustainability has been prevalent from a young age, propelling her to lead our Irish team in making holistic changes within the organization and at home. Clodagh regularly educates the staff about the importance of sustainability and ways to make an impact in the workplace.

Since implementing ESG initiatives, the efforts have not gone unnoticed. Clodagh comments, “It’s important to take a few minutes and discuss how we can make a difference in our daily lives. Everybody making small changes, such as turning off appliances when not in use, is reducing our energy use and helping reduce our carbon footprint.”

Clodagh’s commitment to positive community impact has led her to collaborate with Doon Social Farm in county Limerick. Doon Social Farm is a 33-acre organic farm providing therapeutic services to people in society who are experiencing social isolation, particularly young people. Clodagh says, “Doon Social Farm offers individuals an opportunity to learn about the importance of being able to grow your own food, spend time outdoors and help them through their problems by sharing a love for nature providing a positive impact on the community.”

To bring this positive impact to life, Clodagh organized a day out where our Irish team was fully immersed in all aspects of the farm, from animal care and egg collection to gathering food and making a meal together. Clodagh adds, “I believe these volunteering days can be used to help educate staff and overall reduce Amesto Global's impact on the environment.”

ESG collaborations

Making a difference.

When introducing volunteering and collaboration opportunities, each ESG champion selected organizations aligned with their personal and professional values.

Deniz's leadership with Earth Matter on Governors Island stands as a testament to her commitment to environmental sustainability within our NYC community. Her proactive approach actively contributes to the reduction of our ecological footprint and aligns seamlessly with broader Amesto Global principles.

Miglė's commitment to organizations like the Food Bank and Reforesta reflects a dedication to community engagement, showcasing the interconnectedness of our organization with the global communities we serve.

Clodagh's focus on collaborating with Doon Social Farm goes beyond immediate benefits, actively contributing to the education and awareness of our staff. This educational initiative translates into tangible actions, with employees making conscious choices to minimize their environmental impact, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

All of these collaborations extend beyond a singular initiative, embodying Amesto Global's dedication to partnering with sustainable businesses worldwide. By amplifying their positive influence on communities, industries and the planet, we emphasize the interconnectedness of our actions and the profound impact they can have on a global scale.

As we embrace International Women's Month, our sincere appreciation goes to Deniz, Miglė and Clodagh for their steadfast commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Through their inspiring leadership, they guide our organization toward a future where the pursuit of positive change is actively becoming a reality.

Happy International Women's Month!

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