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This privacy policy specifies our policies and describes which data we collect about our clients and visitors to our website, how and why we collect and use this data, as well as how we protect our clients’ rights in accordance with the regulations of the Personal Data Act. The collection, storage, collation, disclosure and other handing of personal data is regulated by privacy legislation. The legislation requires, inter alia, strict confidentiality and security when handling personal data. The Norwegian Data Protection Authority oversees compliance with the act. “Personal data” are information and assessments that can be linked to a natural person, e.g., name, residential address or email address.


Amesto Group is the controller for the processing of personal data. The term “controller” refers in the act to the party who determines the purpose of the processing of personal data and which means are to be used. It is the controller who is responsible for ensuring that the handling of personal data occurs in accordance with the act. Contact information for Amesto Group can be found at the bottom of this privacy policy.


When you are our client, we store your contact information (including your name, national identity number, sex, residential address, telephone number and email address). In order to handle accounting and payroll, we store the information necessary to be able to pay your salary, allocate correct benefits and deductions, make pension contributions and payments, and correctly report taxes.

We also store emails and other written communications received from you, including the feedback you provide us about, inter alia,your client relationship, our services or our customer service.

If we receive data from you related to your agreement to (i) participate in any of our surveys or competitions, (ii) receive newsletters or updates, or (iii) take part in similar activities, we will store this information.

When you use the services we provide (e.g., management systems for CRM, ERP and HR), information about usage, navigation, internet connection, technical equipment and devices used will be automatically registered by our analytical software and technical logs.


Accounting and payroll information, contact information, and any additional services and information we otherwise receive from you will be stored first and foremost so that we are able to manage our relationship with you and provide you with the services you receive from us. This regards, inter alia, payroll and human resources services, invoices, the handling of payments and communicating with you in connection with your being our customer, as well as providing you with necessary help and useful information. Moreover, the data enable us to analyse, adapt and improve our services and our communication with you.

In addition, the data that are automatically registered by our analytical software and technical logs about, inter alia, use, navigation, internet connection and technical equipment is used to manage customer relations, but it also helps us to ensure that our services always function as they ought to and to maintain the quality of our services. We can proactively solve possible technical problems before you notice them, minimise the risk of errors and prevent others from misusing your subscription or our services. The data also allow us to give you the best possible statistics and to map trends so that we can develop, renew and improve our services; offer our clients desired content; and communicate with our providers about this.


We store personal data only as long as necessary for the purposes described above or to comply with specific legal requirements. This means that the storage times for different types of information may vary. The Bookkeeping Act requires invoice information to be stored for a minimum of 5 years. We need to store your contact information as long as you are our client (and for a certain period of time thereafter, e.g., to be able to provide you with the best possible service should you choose to return to us), while we may store other data (e.g., emails and chat logs from your discussions with customer service) for a shorter period of time.


Our mother company, Spabo Group Ltd., is a provider of some of our services and partner in parts of our business. Relevant data is therefore shared with Spabo Group Ltd., to be used for the same purposes as described above.

In addition, some third-party providers perform services on our behalf and help us with business operations and service delivery. Such third parties are given access to relevant data, to be used for the same purposes as described above.

We enter into written agreements with third parties with whom we share data and make it clear that they are required to follow applicable privacy legislation, including the requirements for data security.

To the extent required by law or judicial decree, or necessary for the investigation of a possible criminal offence against our business, relevant data may be provided to public authorities or other legitimate entities.


We work systematically to ensure data security and use technical and organisational security measures to protect stored data from unauthorised access or use. In the event we share personal data with a third party, we require equivalent data security measures be taken by them.

In the event of any reorganisation, restructuring, merger, sale or other transfer of assets, we will only transfer data, including personal data, provided the recipient agrees to respect your personal data in a manner consistent with our privacy policy.

When we transfer personal data to lands outside the EEA or outside other regions with comprehensive privacy and data protection legislation, we will ensure that the data are transferred in accordance with this privacy statement and as permitted by applicable legislation regarding the protection of personal data.


When you visit our website, we automatically register cookies, web beacons and your IP address.

Cookies are small data files that are stored on your device when you browse and use websites and online services. Web beacons, or tracking pixels, are invisible tags places on some websites.

We use cookies, inter alia, to measure traffic on our website and get information about which parts of our website are most frequently visited at which times, how visitors navigate the website, and the duration of their visit. The main purpose of this is to guarantee and improve the performance and functionality of the website. Web beacons are used for a similar purpose, but also to give us information on how our marketing functions.

You can set your internet browser to notify you before you receive a cookie so that you can decide whether you want to accept it. You can also set your browser to automatically deactivate cookies. Please note that you cannot use all of the features on our website if cookies are disabled.


Our website may contain links to other websites, and some of our services may provide you with access to third-party services. Amesto Group is not responsible for such external websites.


For questions relating to the privacy policy or use of personal data, cookies or similar technology, please contact us at You can also contact us at the following postal address:

Amesto Global
Att: Partner, Oonagh Hayes                         

Carlton House – 4th Floor, Henry Street
V94 FD80
Limerick City, Ireland

+353 61 574250


This privacy policy was last updated on Oct 6, 2020.