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Revolutionizing international expense management expansion: Amesto Global's Expensify journey.

One of our tools to simplify business throughout the past 4 years has been the Expensify expense management software.  In their latest article, Expensify sits down with Conor McFadden, our Director of Finance and Operational Excellence, to get an insight into how we use their software to streamline our clients' international operations.



Simplify business, simplify life

As more and more companies look to do business across borders, Amesto Global stands out as a partner-led boutique firm specializing in bespoke solutions for companies venturing into Europe and North America. One of the firm’s biggest advantages is how they’ve used Expensify’s international expense management capabilities to assist clients in whichever countries they choose to operate.

Before embracing Expensify, clients grappled with manual, time-consuming processes involving Excel spreadsheets. The pitfalls included tedious receipt input, delayed approvals, and the finance team burdened with redundant data entry. These gaps in the process go against Amesto Global’s goal of simplicity for their clients.

“Expensify is a key tool that helps us live out our company’s mission to ‘simplify business, simplify life’. By significantly cutting down the time spent on expenses, it empowers our clients to channel their energy into core business functions. The user-friendly interface and streamlined operational tasks forge a win-win scenario, simplifying both business operations and the overall experience for employees, management, and the finance Teams alike”, says Conor McFadden, Director of Finance and Operational Excellence at Amesto Global.


Winning features for global customers brings results

Conor continues, “The turning point for clients emerges when the burgeoning number of employees leads to increased time spent on expenses rather than core tasks. Expensify becomes the beacon of efficiency, offering a seamless solution to address the growing pains of international expansion.”

Expensify revolutionizes the global expense management landscape, bringing forth a streamlined process with minimal manual intervention. Notable features Amesto Global clients take advantage of include mileage and per diem rate incorporation, effortless receipt scanning, simplified approvals, and seamless integration with major global accounting systems, including Xero and NetSuite.



For Amesto Global, the adoption of Expensify results in an instant reduction in manual processing, ensuring timely payments and an overall efficient workflow that resonates across the organization. Conor continues, “Analyzing a sample of our client base, we found that utilizing Expensify not only enhances accuracy but also yields an average time-saving of 30 minutes per employee expense claim. The 30-minute time-saving begins with the employee's submission of expenses using Expensify, traversing through the approval process, and concluding with the final payment of the claim. With Expensify, the entire expense management cycle is significantly more time-effective compared to the traditional manual input alternative.”


Supporting the partnership

“The intuitive nature of Expensify requires just a couple of hours of training, complemented by 24-hour support through Concierge. The partnership with Expensify has not only streamlined operations but also enriched the overall client experience,” says Conor.

Amesto Global's journey with Expensify extends beyond a mere endorsement; it's a testament to the platform's prowess. The firm strongly recommends Expensify to clients and even fellow accounting firms, emphasizing the need for standardized processes in the face of rapid growth.


Looking ahead

As Amesto Global continues its four-year partnership with Expensify, the focus remains on simplifying business operations and, in turn, simplifying life for clients. The collaboration stands as a beacon of efficiency, ready to guide other firms through the intricate landscape of international business.


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