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Q2 - 2023

Our Quarterly Update.

Stay up-to-date with the latest firm news, tech & expansion tips and more.

Simplifying Business

Q2 at a glance.

Q2 came and went very quickly! During these past three months, we’ve experienced growth across all three offices, actively participated in more in-person events with our colleagues, clients and community partners, and supported our clients’ expansion efforts. Join us as we dive into this quarter’s highlights and gain expert advice on navigating the complexities of international expansion.

Our Team

Cooking up success in NYC.

In May, our US team had the opportunity to gather in New York City after months of remote work. The event started with productive workshops, fostering brainstorming sessions and idea exchanges.

However, it wasn’t just about work! The highlight of our time together was a festive Pasta Making Class where we rolled up our sleeves, put on aprons and embraced the art of homemade pasta. This gathering was a valuable chance for us to collaborate and connect in person, after months of working remotely.

NY Pasta making 1
Jessica Sims NY hats
Ireland dinner
Kate Maryse Sims
Startup Extreme 2023 1
Startup Extreme 2023 2
Expensicon 2023 Conor
Select USA 2 (Mike)
Nashville 2023 (Estera Mike)

Connecting across borders

Amesto Global thrives on building relationships and sharing knowledge. Throughout the quarter, we had the opportunity to participate in key conferences and events around the world: SelectUSA Investment Summit in Maryland, USA; Startup Extreme in Hemsedal, Norway; and ExpensiCon 2023 in Puglia, Italy. 

These engagements allowed us to connect with industry leaders, gain insights into global trends and foster collaborations to benefit our clients. We believe in the power of networking and exchanging ideas, as it enables us to stay at the forefront of international business strategies.


Digital transformation: Tech advice for scaling in multiple markets.

Expanding your business? Here are a few technology tips for scaling in multiple markets…

Prioritize scalability and flexibility when selecting software systems to ensure the system is aligned with your business model and growth plans.

While vetting various software systems can be time-consuming, this is a very important step in identifying the right software partners for long-term success. We see too often that companies select systems in the interest of having a “quick fix” solution and grow out of more rigid systems that are not catered to their evolving needs.

By selecting a software system that can accommodate your business's current needs while also scaling effectively to support future growth and evolving requirements, you will avoid the need for frequent system replacements or significant disruptions to your operations.

Don’t rely solely on historical data when scaling in multiple markets.

Avoid solely relying on historical data when making decisions about scaling in multiple markets, as market dynamics can change rapidly. Instead, prioritize real-time data analytics for up-to-date insights. Through real-time data analytics, you will be able to make better decisions about scaling in multiple markets. This can include everything from analyzing customer behavior to tracking sales trends across different regions.

Amesto Global can assist with the planning, design and implementation of a bespoke accounting/finance infrastructure to digitally transform and capture your growing international operations. Learn more about the importance of transforming your business digitally in our recent blog.

In the news.

We were thrilled to be featured for our collaborative efforts with our sister company, Amesto AccountHouse, in the Norwegian Financial Newspaper, Finansavisen, earlier this quarter! Check out the work we are doing in supporting Norwegian scale-ups expanding outside of the Nordics in the translated article here:

Armin Oonagh Siri


Client Success: Scaling operations in the US.

Our client is a Swedish-based B2B SaaS company who has recently started to scale their US operations. As they began to hire more US-based employees and increase their sales footprint within the market, they outgrew their previous provider and wished to bring on a partner that could scale alongside their own expansion plans. They called on us to be this partner...

You can download a PDF version of the quarterly update here:

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