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1. Apr

"The idea that small causes may have large effects."

“In the current situation, with a pandemic and the global climate developments, Friedman’s theory that “The business of business is business” no longer holds water,” write Arild Spandow, CEO of the Amesto Group and Ariane Spandow, Head of CSV.


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20. Apr

What teleworking in Europe means for compliance.

Many employees globally were faced with remote working due to Covid-19 restrictions. As “lockdowns” continued to be implemented across Europe, many employees returned home or relocated to other countries. Previously, remote working was...

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6. Oct

Is automated technology effective in combating money laundering?

With the growth of the digital world, verifying identities and effective transaction monitoring have become increasingly difficult despite the onslaught of software which promises you the golden ticket; Anti Money Laundering (AML) safety, security...

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