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Q1 2024

Our quarterly wrap-up (white)

Diving into our first quarter of 2024!

Simplifying Business

Q1 at a glance.

We have made it through a very busy Q1! Throughout the last quarter, our team has been forging new client engagements, leveraging more technologies to streamline global business operations and broadening our global footprint through strategic partnerships. 

As we reflect on the first few months of 2024, join us in recapping some standout moments and our upcoming conference attendance around the globe. Plus, gain valuable insights with our business tips tailored for those entering the US market. Let's dive in!


Out & about.

S E E   Y O U    A T    S A A S I E S T    2 0 2 4 !

Our team is looking forward to attending SaaSiest 2024 on April 16-17 in Malmö, Sweden for the first time. As one of the largest B2B SaaS events in the Nordic region, SaaSiest gathers top European professionals to share industry knowledge. We are excited to connect with several of our clients who are key players in this space, along with new faces in the SaaS industry.  

Planning to attend SaaSiest this year? Let’s meet up while we are there – get in touch at:

C A T C H    U S    O N    T H E    M A R K E T    E N T R Y    P A N E L   A T    S E L E C T U S A    2 0 2 4 !

The SelectUSA Investment Summit, taking place from June 23-26 in National Harbor, Maryland (USA), stands as one of the premier events in the United States for promoting Foreign Direct Investment. Gathering representatives from all US states and territories, companies from over 80 markets, industry experts and government officials, its focus is to explore opportunities for growth through investment in the US.

We are thrilled to announce our participation this year in various capacities. Firstly, we will be featured on the Market Entry Panel where our US Practice Leader, Michael McCumiskey, will share invaluable insights on successfully entering and expanding within the US market. Join us at:

Tuesday, June 25th
3:00pm - 4:00pm EST
Room 4-5, Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center

If you're planning to join us for this session, we would love to connect!  Get in touch at:

In addition, our Director of Growth, Sims Tullos, has been selected as an official Select Global Women in Tech (SGWIT) Mentor. She will be providing the participating women with mentoring and exclusive support for scaling companies seeking to do business in the US.


Doing business in the US? Some tips on how to avoid potential hurdles.

Breaking into the US market holds great promise for growth and success when approached strategically. However, the market comes with some challenges and unpredictability when trying to conquer it alone. From understanding the industry regulations and compliance standards present in each of the 50 states to navigating the complex tax landscape, there is a lot that needs to be considered before making strategic moves into the US market.  

Having supported numerous clients who have faced unforeseen operational challenges in the US before seeking our assistance, our team understands the complexities involved. To help mitigate these challenges, we have compiled some key operational items to consider before venturing into the US market. 

Do: Familiarize yourself with the US Health Benefits and Retirement Plans that should be included in a US job offer in order to attract top talent.

In the United States, attracting and retaining top talent is key. Make your job offers stand out by providing comprehensive health benefits that cover medical, dental and vision needs. Align your retirement plans with US expectations, offering a well-structured 401(k) with the potential for employer-matching contributions. This approach not only attracts top talent but also fosters long-term employee satisfaction and retention.

Don’t: Assume that opening a US bank account will be an easy and quick process.


Opening a US bank account is not always a straightforward process. Navigating the complexities of establishing a banking presence involves more than meets the eye. From obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN) to navigating intricate banking regulations and varying procedures among financial institutions, the process can be time-consuming and filled with unexpected challenges. To mitigate these potential frustrations, seek professional guidance to ensure a more efficient banking setup for your business operations in the United States.

Want to dive deeper into the key considerations for doing business in the US? Our comprehensive guide aims to equip you with the operational knowledge needed to navigate the intricacies of the US business landscape successfully. Read more here:

Client Success Story

Norwegian B2B SaaS company successfully expands into the UK & US.

Our Norwegian B2B SaaS client aimed to expand globally, reaching beyond the Nordics. However, the move into the UK and the upcoming entry into the US presented challenges. Establishing a strong finance function was crucial, especially while raising additional capital and requiring robust reporting across all entities. To tackle this, they enlisted the help of Amesto Global as their strategic partner being familiar with how to navigate the complexities in both the UK and the US.  

Over the years, we've tailored solutions to streamline financial operations and mitigate compliance risks, from handling invoices and payroll in the UK to monitoring tax affairs in the US in collaboration with the client’s tax advisor. Our comprehensive support spans HR tasks, liaison with auditors and strategic advice for seamless growth.

Our comprehensive support spans HR tasks, liaison with auditors and strategic advice for seamless growth.

Through this collaborative partnership, we've not only helped our client overcome challenges abroad but also thrive in new markets, marking a shared success story. Read more about our client’s success story here:

Xero Awards Ireland 2024 (slide 1)

In the news

We are finalists at Xero Awards Ireland 2024!

We are thrilled to announce that we have been selected as finalists in not just one, but two Xero Ireland Awards this year: Ireland Emerging Firm of the Year and Digital Practice Champion.

This recognition is a testament to the unwavering dedication of our team and the ongoing support of our clients. We extend our thanks to Xero for acknowledging our hard work and commitment. Being designated as Xero Gold Partners fills us with immense pride, further empowering us to live out our company’s mission to simplify business and simplify life. 


Empowering change: Spotlight on our ESG Champions.

Deniz ESG (500x500)
Migle Barcelona balcony (600)
Clodagh Pony ESG 2023




March marked International Women’s Month, a time to celebrate the achievements of women worldwide. As a team made up of 60% women, across three different countries, we are thrilled to shine a light on three remarkable women within our team who stand as our resident Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Champions.

In this conversation, Deniz, Miglė and Clodagh share their distinct perspectives, revealing how their personal commitments to sustainability have ignited a passion for driving positive change within our organization and local communities. Read the full conversation below. 

Barcelona Dinner Jan 2024
Migle Silke office (500)
Ger NYC Q1 2024 (500)
Armin Arild Ed London Q1 2024 (500)

Our team

Visits across the pond.

This quarter, our team had the pleasure of coming together in various cities worldwide. From casual team lunches in Barcelona to client meetings in New York City and conferences in London, these shared moments fuel our collaborative nature!




Here’s to warmer and brighter days ahead!

– The Amesto Global Team

You can download a PDF version of the quarterly update here: