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Armin Kirchner

Armin has operated in the Global Corporate Services Industry for over 25 years of which 18 years were outside his home country, The Netherlands. As a senior executive, Armin built out various offices throughout Europe stretching from Germany, Luxembourg, Bulgaria and Poland as well North America. With his multi-lingual (and cultural) background, Armin assisted numerous companies with their international expansion, overcoming many compliance obstacles to enter and operate in new markets. Armin is passionate about providing clients a unique services experience supported by a great bunch of people and the latest technology.      LinkedIn     Phone icon +1 (601) 573-9354


Sims Tullos

Sims Tullos joins the Amesto Global team as the Business Development Manager based in the US. She works diligently to strengthen Amesto Group’s footprint both in the US and internationally. With a sales background in back office advisory and human capital management, Sims' focus is on bringing the firm’s wide range of deliverables to clients around the globe. She graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and a minor in Philosophy.      LinkedIn      Phone icon  +1 (601) 573-9354


Michael McCumiskey

Mike provides outsourced CFO, controller and bookkeeping services to clients in the Media, Logistics, Credit Reporting, Technology, Janitorial, Labeling and Staffing industries. Mike works with companies who are ready to sell, experiencing hyper growth and start-ups who received funding. Mike spent 12 years in public accounting, providing audit, accounting and advisory services before shifting his focus to back-office consulting. Mike also works with many closely held business where he acts as the CFO/Accounting Advisor.      LinkedIn


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