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Amesto Global and 2Swell Partner to Combine Services to Businesses Aiming to Expand and Grow Internationally.

MORRISTOWN, N.J. and MIAMI, Fla. – July 1, 2019 – Amesto Global, a corporate services firm to companies expanding internationally, and 2Swell, Corp., an advisory firm on growth strategy and execution, today announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU). The two organizations are partnering to provide comprehensive, corporate and growth services to businesses that are ready to scale up internationally, for example, by expanding from the United States to Europe or vice versa.

Amesto Global and 2Swell are pooling their expertise and resources to create a “one-stop shop” of key services required to successfully establish a presence in a new geographic market. Amesto Global brings corporate services such as legal, regulatory, financial, secretarial and human resources to the collaboration, while 2Swell specializes in sales and marketing strategy and operations. To further strengthen this partnership, the principals of both organizations—Armin Kirchner and Oonagh Hayes of Amesto Global and Michel Koopman of 2Swell—have joined each other’s leadership team.

Kirchner said, “We’ve joined forces with 2Swell to offer clients a broader array of services for international expansion. Michel Koopman has advised many entrepreneurs, owners and businesses on effective commercial growth strategy, organization and execution thereof. By adding 2Swell’s corporate growth services to our existing solution, we can make the international expansion process more seamless and successful for clients.”

Koopman stated, “We are very pleased to be affiliated with Amesto Global, a leader and trusted name in the corporate services sector. We look forward to filling the need for expert sales and marketing guidance, which is essential to jump-start international expansion, by helping clients drive market awareness, fast-growing pipelines and customer success, supported by sound processes, great talent and technologies.”


About Amesto Global

Amesto Global, part of the Amesto Group with headquarters in Oslo, Norway (, provide a global corporate services solution for companies expanding and operating internationally. Led by Oonagh Hayes and Armin Kirchner who have a combined experience of six decades in the industry spanning multiple coun­tries, delivery of service in a professional, efficient and personal way is assured. The team driven to working in a partnership with like-minded clients, differentiating themselves in seeing the merit of having full and absolute partner access as a given. For further information, please visit our website at

About 2Swell, Corp.

In partnership with clients, alongside owners, investors and executive teams, the firm increases ROI on existing resources, adds new ones, while identifying and driving opportunities of growth. The firm’s methodology is always pragmatic. From vision to execution, 2Swell focuses on critical growth levels that require attention, then enhancing those through proven best-practices.

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